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Turnkey fit-out service

Our years of workplace design, interior contracting and relocation experience and

expertise get combined in our one-stop solution. Our turnkey service provides your

business with a single contact point that’s accountable for the effectiveness and

efficiency of your workplace design, fit-out and relocation from end-to-end. The

turnkey service ensures that interdependent deadlines are achieved across

profession disciplines, that design specifications, standards and quality are

met consistently, and that the efficiencies of a streamlined turnkey service

show up in the costs of your workplace investment.

Workplace design service

Our experienced workplace design and specification and teams apply human

behaviour research and best-practice design thinking to design unique spaces

to advance your business - and drive your bottom line up. Our holistic approach

to design delivers spaces that inspire, energise and enable your people to do their

best work. We design spaces that stand up for your brand and apart from your

competition and experiences of space that your customers will love. We engineer

spaces smartly to make the most effective use of space and technology to cut

your operating costs.


Interior contracting service

With more than 2000 clients and 20 years of large-scale interior

contracting, cost estimation and project management experience

to our name, we’re a highly competent and reliable interior

contracting partner. Our team of project management and

procurement professionals manage and coordinate suppliers,

resources and materials, managing complex permissions and

compliance processes and tracking thousands of line items so

you don’t have to. Count on our interior contracting experts to

install your workplace on-time, to spec, and on budget

every time.

Workplace relocation service

Use our workplace relocation service to get your business up and

running in your new space without losing critical time, resources or

assets.  The time we take to map the people, the furniture, equipment,

records and data to be shifted to your new space and our attention to

micro detail ensures that your business and your people experience

a seamless move. Rely on our team to make your next move and

use the time we’ll save you to run your business.

Specialist services

Just looking to refit a floor, shift a few drywalls, redo your ceilings,

paint or re-cable your office? Cherry-pick a solution from our teams

of specialist sub-contractors to get the job done right first time.

Benefit from our long-standing trade relationships with quality

suppliers to get a competitive service and terms and the

peace-of-mind guarantees that distinguish our work  others.   

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